Rug Care and Maintenance

How to care for your new rug?

To ensure you get the most life out of your new rug it needs to be treated with care and regular maintenance is needed.


Regular vacuuming helps remove dust and debris from the pile of your carpet which will increase the life of your rug. (Avoid using powerful vacuums and turbine heads that may damage the pile of your carpet).


Any spills or marks need to be cleaned immediately to ensure the best chance of removal. The longer they are left the more chance they may become permanent. It is best to blot any liquids with a color free absorbent cloth starting from the outside of the spill working inwards, some more stubborn spills may require carpet detergent or professional carpet cleaner to remove.

Rotating your rug

Rotating your rug on a regular basis will help with even wear and increase the life, this will also minimize the chances of fading.


Fading can occur when rugs are in continues sunlight, avoid placing your rug in direct sunlight if possible, we recommend a regular rotation of your rug to minimize chances of fading.


It is common for some new rugs to lose any excess fibers left over from the production stage, this will reduce over time.
Some fibers such as wool and acrylic are prone to have some shedding for the life of the rug.