Size Guide

Rugs are great accessories to bring life to any room, it can bring style and texture to your area. But finding the right size can sometimes be hard.

Below is a list of standard sizes available and a chart to help guide you to the perfect size for any area.


50x80cm                               Entry, Kitchen and Laundry.

80x150cm                              Double Doors, Kitchen and Bedside.

80x300cm                             Hallway Runner.

80x(ROLL)cm                       Longer Hallway (These can be cut to any length).

120x170cm                             Entry, Larger kitchen and Small bedrooms.

160x230cm                            Under 4 seater dining table, Small living room and larger bedroom.

200x290cm                           Under 6-8 seater dining table, Living room and family room.

240x330cm                           Under 8-10 seater dining table, Open plan living and large family room.

280x380cm                           Under 10+ seater dining table, Large Open plan living area.